Monday, July 23, 2007

My a great....!

My Friend now a Father!

It's amazing how the birth of a new child makes the world such a great place. With loving glare at such a peaceful creation you realise just how gracious God are experiencing what it fills to be part of a soul, and then you realise such an honour to be a co-worker with God in the vineyard of creation.

I missed going to church yesterday because I went to see my friend, who got married a year ago (I was just seeing the couple again since attending the wedding in Ilorin after unbelievably, the "forgetful" genius I was, left behind my wedding party attire in Lagos, so I volunteered to be the driver for the day! ). I always wanted to visit them, but somehow never got to make it. As I took a deliberate detour off my route to church, I didn't know something big was really in store for me (well, maybe more appropriately for the family). I saw him, looking fit and trim as usual and the wife perfectly fitted, expecting a child. Then this morning, I received a text message announcing the birth of a baby girl, a Princess as he referred to her.

Wow! How would I have known that the lady who served me a lovely breakfast yesterday in a most dutiful way was going to experience the joy of motherhood in less than 24 hours (I must say, if it is by sight, I would have said delivery was in another 3-4 months!). I picked up the phone to call my friend to rejoice with him, and he told me they left for the hospital not too long after I left them the previous day...and the result is what I hear. Can you blame me for feeling so connected to the little girl? The first day I came to visit them after dropping them off at the honeymoon location was the first time I stepped into their home and the next thing that happened was that their Princess came into the are asking what I'm feeling like (godfather part 4 shey? make una no bombard with "come visit" mails sha!). Well I feel good, in fact excited, and joy wells in my heart for my friend..

I rejoice with my friend, I rejoice with the wife, God is you see that my friend, Emmanuel is not just a great man...He is now a Father...and yeah, he feels like a king...

Welcome Princess! God bless and keep you!

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Emmanuel said...

Hey man,
You really made my day with this post. And the fact that the baby came just some few mins after your visit made it great