Tuesday, July 17, 2007

good evening and good night!

Hello Nigerians,

It's a wonderful skyline we have today, and it seems the heavens abode its source with this wonderful nation of ours. You may be wondering what i have in this glass before me today...It's wine!!! One of the finest this nation has to offer and world renowned. It's appropriate for the occasion we will collectively toast to tonight.

This is a moment of joy and happiness, but more importantly a moment of contemplation. We look back to see what we have gone through and how the dreams of a once despairing people has become hope and reality of a blossoming space. We once faltered on the brink of despair and destruction, but today the mightiest of nations celebrate us as the noblest of all. It's been a long walk and indeed painful. But the weathered path we've crossed and dusty sweat that strolls our brow has created fragrance from the toils of our land. Today, years of walk of shame is celebrated in a theatre of fame.

Don't be fooled, we were never always this great. we were once a curse word in the anthems of the deranged and the belly of this nation once birth the fears of the world. It took vision...it took guts. We were afraid, but we loved life and applied ourselves accordingly and found out the difference between fear and courage is a very thin imaginary line. We not only build bridges across the Niger, we also stretched our hearts across its banks. We envisioned and built the world's first superhighway running a circumference across the boundary of this nation. It wasn't meant to be an infrastructural masterpiece, it was a symbol that at some point, as a nation we agreed that this earthen monument is an embrace of our nationhood; and as people from every corner of this nation stepped on its frame, the life of every culture spoke progress, respect and freedom - such a familiar rhythm! We tore down the relics of our smallness and treasured the blessedness of our land. We had everything...it took us just a moment to realise!

My octogenarian years are here and I'm counting as my hairs are greying silver. I have walked this land of wonder and seen the desires of men and women walking hand in hand shifting the borders of indifference once masked by battered histories and altered genes. Nigerians...we made it!!!

My generation can exit the scene. We leave behind an emboldened generation ably aware of a place beyond destiny.

A toast to my love... my nation... my country!

Good evening and good night!

(being excerpt of text given by a Nigerian citizen to mark the "Remembrance of a Nation of Hope: Nigeria" in the year 2065)

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Gbolade lovely blog i especially love this piece, its a work of art! keep up the good work,